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Distro Stuff – All stuff is seriously limited!

New Zealand


WELCOME TO THE ARSE-END OF THE WORLD V/A – 12″ – New Zealand’s Scuzziest 12″ Compilation of Anti-corporate Underground Punk, 26 tracks by 14 bands across 2 islands. Featuring quality tracks by ELECTRIC MAYHEM / HATEWANX / METHDRINKER / NATURAL GLOW / TEEN HYGIENE / ABORTED CHRISTIANS / CRAWLER / WASTELAND / ROGERNOMIX / CONNIPTION / OPEN TOMB / POLICE LINEUP / OILBARONS / CASK GRINDER. $25

METH DRINKER – S/T CD – Sewage Sludge from this Wellington 3-piece, for fans of Grief, Noothgrush and Eyehategod. $10

ROGERNOMIX – ‘The Trickle-Down Effect’ 7″ – 2nd seven outta Wellington, Scandi-D-beat styles with duelling fe/male vokills. Fast as fuck. $10

WASTELAND/Disconnected – split 7″ – Hamiltons finest powerviolence. One of the best recent NZ releases. Come with free sticker! and other band from Ohio. $10

HATEWANX – ‘When Animals Attack’ CD – ThrashTrashHolocaust of Jurassic proportions from the city of earthquakes, Christchurch. $10

xFRANKGRIMESx – ‘The Old Grimey E.P.’ CD – Dodgy powerviolence which could only come from Christchurch. $7

CONNIPTION – ‘Chaos Theories’ CD – Deep south D-beat from deep in 2009. Hand/screened/made covers for that punk-as-fuck  D.I.Y. touch. $10

CRAWLER – s/t Pro-tape – Outta Auckland comes this twin bass, power-violence/sludge/noise 4-piece with their first release. Grimy shit! $10

TEEN HYGIENE – ‘Show U My Delight’ 7″ – Formally Pyschic Jams turn up the tepid supergroup rock qierk with this 4 song Ep. Hide your wives! $12

DRUG PROBLEM s/t CD – Dark, torturous powerviolence from this wellington 3-piece. 10 tracks of slow sludge to insane blasts. A New Zealand must-have! SOLDOUT —

ABORTED CHRISTIANS s/t CDR – Hellish super-fastn’short grind outta Hamilton. It slays. $5.

COFFEE RAGE / Sick/Tired – split 7″ – Old school d-beat thrash from hamilton. ANGRY! teamed with s/t from the states. $10

MALPARIDO / Party by the slice split 7” – Malparido from Wellington hammers out 10 tracks of fast, raw, Crudos inspired straight H/C. $10.

SHORTLIVED s/t 7” – Their original, raw as fuck,demo tape pressed onto 7” for dexterity. Bugger all left in NZ so get in quick. $10.

CULT OF THE COBRA CD – 10 tracks of all-womyn snotty dark metallic hardcore from Wellington. $10.

INVERTEBRATE / BABOON KING – Split CDR – Invertebrate’s 2nd release of vile-Necro-black-metal chained to the Baboon King ancient sludge. – $5

GAWJ – ‘So far Away From Giving a Fuck We Can’t be Seen’ 7” – Grindy hardcore punk from Hamilton’s long running Gawj. Their debut 7” features 15 songs in 13 minutes! Get it?! $10.

SCAB s/t tape – The debut release from epic Wellington crusters. 5 tracks of heavy, fast dark H/C in the vein of His Hero is Gone. $5.


MASSTRAUMA ‘Adoration of the Devil’s Ass’ 7” – Pissed H/C featuring members of Pure Evil, Diamond Sea and DeathCage. $10.

PURE EVIL TRIO Cd – A raging chaotic challenge of a c.d. This is 36 songs of old, newer and unreleased stuff. Completely brain-melting. $10.

CRUX s/t 7” – Sydney based female-growled crusty hardcore. 4 dark and foreboding tracks. $10.

VAE VICTIS / Give Up all Hope split 7” – D-beat worship teams up Sydney melodic cruster’s VV with G.U.A.H. from England. $10.

VAE VICTIS ‘Pro Patria Mori’ 7” – 5 tracks of d-beat crust punk from sydney. $10.

SHOCK TROOP ‘A Nightmare in 2012’ 12” – Brisbane discharge war crust. This LP was released on sniperfucker. $15.

Older stuff and worthless international crap (nah it’s alright)

Kah-Roe-Shi CD – (Malaysia) $10

Eunuch 7″ – (USA) $8

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