Never Mind PunkFest ….

Posted: October 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hopefully the Nvmbskvll / Electric Mayhem split 12″ should be ready for this so I’ll have copies for you south islanders at the show. Also me and Big Bird might be able to squeeze out issue 5 of “Always Never Fun” for this too which should have interviews with Tasmanian’s SCURVY, Chrustchirst’s DEATH THROES and SCABIES as well a kickass guide to the best homebrew Ginger Wine, A two year late SHORTLIVED Europe tour diary, Distort the System and the usual bollocks talk…



  1. d anus says:

    Fuk yeh,i want a copy of the split 12. your shirts were posted today. kool. 666!!!

  2. EEEEERIn says:

    I was looking and looking for the info I needed….. should’ve know to go straight here aye!!!!! good site!

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