Meth Drinker / Open Tomb split 12″

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Uncategorized


Copies available now. Limited to 250. $25(nz) + postage. Ask about wholesale rates.. Paypal rockable

Here’s one of the tracks from the Meth Drinker side.

  1. Mykolas says:

    anywhere i can get this in Europe? My Meth Drinker got lost last time and I never got it.. I don’t want it to happen again

  2. […] so it could really be anything at anytime. As far as new music goes, I’m really into the band Meth Drinker from New Zealand. They just put out a split with Open Tomb that […]

  3. Kevin says:

    Im looking for the latest Methdrinker cd! Please tell me how I can purchase one!

  4. Rick Daly says:

    Hey I’m Rick also a kiwi, I reside in Australia and work for an international webzine called The Metal Review ( I would love to do a write up on Meth Drinker, Perhaps cover all their eps in one review… What is available as a digital download? Would they be interested, Also we can start a future exsisting relationship as I am more than willing to help out underground kiwi bands with anything from reviews or news press releases.

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