Distro Update

Posted: November 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

Vomit Storm 12″ – $30

Downer Buzz 12″ – $25

Meth Drinker Oil CD – $15

Meth Drinker splits and misc Compilation tape – $5

Shortlived 12″ – $20

Welcome to The Arse-end of the World, NZ comp 12″ – $25

Rogernomix 7″ The trickle down effect- $10

High Risk Maneuver 7″ – $10

Aborted Christians / Police Lineup 7″ – $10

Shortlived demo 7″ – $10


ALL Other Meth Drinker stuff is sold out but the Open Tomb split and a new 7″ are being released in the new year by Dropout records from Poland so copies of those will be available soon

  1. headhorsenz says:

    Reblogged this on Headless Horseman.

  2. kirill says:

    hey Sam!whats news about meth drinker??

    • Hey bro. Meth Drinker is dead unfortunately. Tony moved to Australia and got married so that’s that. We still have some releases in the works.. dropout records are releasing a new split with Dead Instrument and rereleasing the Open Tomb split. Dry Cough records are rereleasing the Leechfeast split too. And hopefully in the future someone may release the splits/sevens comp on vinyl too. So stay tuned for them. James and I have various other new projects in the works too. Chur

      • kirill says:

        bad news about meth drinker.when released split with Dead Instrument??and what projects with James?

  3. kirill says:

    hey Sam!what projects with James?

  4. Ben K says:

    hey man do you still have the meth drinker comp tape? id love to buy one!

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