Unsanitary Napkin – Orgasmic Capitalism 7″

Posted: August 13, 2018 in Uncategorized


From Wellington’s political sphere of shit shit shit comes a brand new Unsanitary Napkin 7″!! In association with fellow local labels Limbless Music and Control.

Straight from their bandcamp \—————

Orgasmic Capitalism is a collection of six songs we wrote about the absurd bullshit that’s been happening over the last few years as the dysfunctional core of heteropatriarchal capitalism continues to rot – from the White Nationalist terror attack in Charlottesville last year, to the political assassination of Metiria Turei, to fuckwit billionaire (and New Zealand citizen) Peter Thiel’s fascination with injecting the blood of young people to prolong his life. We’ve even managed to include a sample of Tim Allen and everything he represents being blasted into space forever.




On slime green vinyl and limited to 150. Comes with A3 poster as well! nz$18 plus postage. Get in touch – stunsmas@yahoo.co.nz



Listen here    \/


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