Books For Bogor fundraiser

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fundraiser poster



To celebrate the belated release of the Rogernomix / Bonecruncher 12″ split we’re gonna get drunk on a Thursday in Wellington with some fucken rungus punx. All for a good cause too: to raise some funds to buy books for the Indonesian punx running a label/screenprinting/library collective in Bogor where Rogernomix recently played on their South East Asian sojourn. So come out and support a good cause. $10 for broke asses through to $15 for anyone that wants to be a real GC.  Chur!


Vomit Storm 12″

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From the bowels of South Wellington, VOMIT STORM bring their vile cross-over blackened punk thrash metal to vinyl for the first time! Drowning in a deluge of sick, this shit will rip your undies off! Epic co-release with Limbless records. Limited to 150, $30 + postage. Get in touch before they are all gone –

Listen here –

Rogernomix split 12″

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Tentative tour poster demo

So long time no post due to failing technology and lack of funds! But here we are!

The new Rogernomix / Bonecruncher split 12″ is at the plant and due back in time for the tour. Raging gnarly d-beat straight outta Wellington! They will obviously be available in Aussie and South East Asia but as for NZ we may have some on the way back but not to worry there will definitely be a repress so it will be available at home at some point soon!

As for the tour it’s all looking good and crazy. Hope to see you on the road!

Distro Update

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Vomit Storm 12″ – $30

Downer Buzz 12″ – $25

Meth Drinker Oil CD – $15

Meth Drinker splits and misc Compilation tape – $5

Shortlived 12″ – $20

Welcome to The Arse-end of the World, NZ comp 12″ – $25

Rogernomix 7″ The trickle down effect- $10

High Risk Maneuver 7″ – $10

Aborted Christians / Police Lineup 7″ – $10

Shortlived demo 7″ – $10


ALL Other Meth Drinker stuff is sold out but the Open Tomb split and a new 7″ are being released in the new year by Dropout records from Poland so copies of those will be available soon

19th sept poster

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Any help with the last remaining date 2nd June would be greatly appreciated! In Lyon or somewhere close! See you in Europe!


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Rogernomix box set!!

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So it’s finally ready! The first ever four 7″ punk box set from New Zealand. Insanely limited to 20 only. Comes with the first four Rogernomix 7″s, A3 poster, a rogernomix sticker and patch and an always never fun sticker. Download codes for the 4th 7″ & an unreleased track will be made available for those who buy the box set as well, when I get round to uploading them. All for $56.66!

Not to forget about the best fans that already have the records you can buy everything minus the records for $18. And if you’ve got only some records get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Get in fast cause they will go quick!

Wellington rungus noise punk attack! 12″ LP of 7 tracks of disgusting punk shit. Feat. members of Meth Drinker, Johnny and the Felchers, Numbskull etc. blah blah. $25nz + postage. If you want one get in touch or step into Black Coffee in Newtown, Wellington.