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Total Ruin 7″

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ANF026/LMB 016, Total Ruin self-titled 7″

Scuzzy sewer drum punk from members of Meth Drinker and Poverty and Spit.

nz$15 plus $5 postage in NZ
Limited to 100 copies with hand-screened covers and comes with download code!

Gimme an old school email!


or buy from

Total Ruin 7″ Test Press

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That’s right, Total Ruin, Wellington’s grimiest dirt punx have a new 7″ on the way! Here are test pressings – fully coloured in an otherwise bleak, colourless and desperate release of abrasive disgust punk! Good luck getting your hands on one of these if you’re not in the band or dished out a whole bunch of cash to make it happen! Haha, maybe though… Could you try your luck at making an offer?

The real deal vinyl will be out soon! Probably a March release so stay tuned.

Released by Always Never Fun and Limbless Music.

Neil Roberts Day 2018

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From Wellington’s political sphere of shit shit shit comes a brand new Unsanitary Napkin 7″!! In association with fellow local labels Limbless Music and Control.

Straight from their bandcamp \—————

Orgasmic Capitalism is a collection of six songs we wrote about the absurd bullshit that’s been happening over the last few years as the dysfunctional core of heteropatriarchal capitalism continues to rot – from the White Nationalist terror attack in Charlottesville last year, to the political assassination of Metiria Turei, to fuckwit billionaire (and New Zealand citizen) Peter Thiel’s fascination with injecting the blood of young people to prolong his life. We’ve even managed to include a sample of Tim Allen and everything he represents being blasted into space forever.




On slime green vinyl and limited to 150. Comes with A3 poster as well! nz$18 plus postage. Get in touch –



Listen here    \/

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New Shit!

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The Corpse Rat / Feral Blood split 7″ is almost ready for max explosionz. Hit me up – for a copy or see us around the place!


Super limited pre-release copies of the brand new Rogernomix 7″ – ‘Punch a nazi in the face” will be available at only FULL NOISE FEST!

Then proper release on Record Store Day and a release show on April 27th at Valhalla for Almost Never Ten Years of Always Never Fun!



So finally, with a legitimate cash injection, ALways nEver Fun is back! This time it’s Wellington 3-piece powerviolence mentals STRESS GHETTO unleashing the dero on vinyl. Co-released with Limbless Music. PunkasfuK. Come grab a 7″ at the skatepark or email me

$15nz +postage



ANF Wellington Scene Report 2016

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anf wellington scene report.jpg

The Spring 2016 ANF Wellington punk scene report issue is out now. 28 pages of all the bands/releases/labels/venues/records stores/show reviews and more from Wellington. $4 +postage. Get in touch

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Always Never Fun in collaboration with Limbless and Zero Style proudly introduce Wellington’s snottiest Anarcho-fem punkrockers, Unsanitary Napkin’s debut LP 12″ – ‘Patriotic Grooves’.   11 tracks of angry aural anginas.   Limited to 150 copies.       nz$30+postage.

‘been a while…

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So in an attempt to make some money so I can pay for flights to the last ever Such is Life in Australia I gotta sell some shit, haha. SOOO there is limited copies of the above records


The last 8 copies of the Meth Drinker / Leechfeast split 12″ (nz$25+postage) available in NZ/OZ

The last copy I have of the Rogernomix / Bonecruncher split 12″ (nz$15+postage). Going cheap coz the cover is a bit scuffed up but otherwise sweet as.

Vomit Storm ‘Mudge or be Mudged’ 12″ (nz$25+postage) If you don’t have this you’re mental. It’s sick as.

Downer Buzz S/T 12″ (nz$25+postage)


Get in touch –